The Painless Way to View a Problem in a Pet

Ultrasounds for cats and dogs are very common and help vets find a number of problems. The painless procedure allows vets to spot blockages, tumors, structural deformities, and more, just from one test. When blood tests and other exams tell you nothing about what's going on, ultrasounds give you a fast way to find out why your cat or dog may have changed its eating habits or started acting out in other ways. At Miami Shores Animal Clinic, we help pet owners in the Miami Shores, North Miami, and Biscayne Park neighborhoods, keep their pets as healthy as can be.


Ultrasounds Are Versatile Tests

Vets can use ultrasound for reasons other than illness. For example, if you think your cat is pregnant, an ultrasound can be done to determine approximately how many kittens or puppies will be in the litter. An ultrasound can also be very handy if the vet wants to check how recovery is going after surgery or an accident. One of the most helpful uses of ultrasounds is the fact that you can determine if your pet has something going on that could potentially make him or her extremely sick. The earlier the detection, the better.

If your dog or cat seems to not be eating anymore and blood tests and a physical exam are inconclusive, we are here to help. The next step would be to do an ultrasound on your pet’s abdomen. Images from the ultrasound will show anything that is physically affecting the stomach. The same goes for other internal problems. No surgery is needed to discover the cause of some of your pet’s sudden odd behavior.

Non-Invasive Tests Are the Best for a Pet

Procedures as invasive as surgery should be your last option. Ultrasounds offer a safe way to investigate internal structural issues with a pet. Miami Shores Animal Clinic serves the Miami, Miami Shores, North Miami, Biscayne Park, and the surrounding areas. Call our veterinary team at (305) 757-3030 to let us know how your pet's behavior has been. We can then schedule your pet’s appointment with our veterinarian and arrange for an ultrasound. Your pet deserves quality treatment, so take him or her to our animal clinic today.

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