TNR: Trap, Neuter, Release Program

Each year, millions of healthy kittens and cats are euthanized in shelters due to overpopulation and lack of responsible homes and owners.  Countless of feral and stray cats starve or die from untreated illness and injury after being left to fend for themselves.

 According to the International Society for Animal Rights, only .2 to 3% of cats brought to shelters are ever placed in homes. The solution to prevent the cruel overpopulation that condemns millions of cats to death is an honest discussion of the problem and implementing programs to reduce the number of unwanted animals.

Here in Miami-Dade County, all of us can play a role in saving the lives of these animals by taking part in what’s known as TNR: Trap, Neuter, Release (or Trap, Neuter, Return) Program. Our veterinarians at Miami Shores Animal Clinic, serving North Miami, Miami Shores and the village of Biscayne Park, participates in this program with the partnership of Miami Veterinary Foundation.

TNR: Trap, Neuter, Release Program

What is TNR?

The Trap-Neuter-Return (or Release) Program has proven to be an effective and humane way to help control the cat population with free spay or neuter surgeries for stray cats.

Any Miami-Dade County resident can participate by using their own trap or procuring one from Animal Services. Once you trap the cat, it can be brought to our veterinarians, here to our clinic where it will be sterilized. In addition, our vet will give the cat a rabies vaccine and notch or tip its ears to identify it as a TNR animal. The cat will then be released back into the community it came from to remain as a free-roaming animal.

To participate, you simply need to bring an ID to our veterinary clinic to prove you're from Miami-Dade County.

The Case for Trap, Neuter, Release

For Miami-Dade County, the TNR program that launched in July 2012, has brought a significant drop in the number of cats euthanized at its shelter, local news reports say. That's just one of the benefits the area is seeing.

TNR has been, and continues to be, successfully practiced in hundreds of communities across the country. It's a program that allows kittens and adult cats who are friendly and socialized to be adopted into homes. Even for cats returned to the outdoors, it stops the breeding cycle and improves the lives of the cats while preventing reproduction. With decreased competition for mating, cats are less likely to suffer injuries from fighting. What's more, spaying and neutering nearly eliminates the chance of cats developing mammary or testicular tumors.

Take Action Today

By taking part in the TNR program, you're taking action on a critical issue and protecting and saving lives of cats. For more information about the TNR program, call Miami Shores Animal Clinic, serving North Miami, Miami Shores and the village of Biscayne Park, today at (305) 757-3030!

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