Meet the friendly staff at Miami Shores Animal Clinic!

  • Javier Dias

    Javier has been a member of our staff since 2015, Originally trained as a research technician in a medical research lab he realized he much preferred caring for animals than experimenting on them. He is currently working towards attending veterinary school. At this time Javier lives with his fiancee and his cat Leia.

  • Claudy

    Claudy has been with our clinic since 2014. Prior to  joining our staff in her current capacity as Manager, she began as a volunteer and went on to become a veterinary tech before being made manager. Always passionate about animal welfare, she continues to pursue her goal of founding a sanctuary for rescued animals. She currently lives with her family and her 3 dogs, 2 rabbits, 2 bearded dragons, 1 tokay gecko, and most recently a rescued cat.

  • Joss

    Joss has been with our clinic since 2017. He has worked for more than 4 years in veterinary clinics throughout Miami-Dade County. Always friendly and gregarious, Joss is passionate about helping our clients manage their pets' medical needs. Originally trained as a journalist, he is currently working towards a Masters in business administration of healthcare institutions. Joss currently lives with his equally friendly and gregarious dog, Lola.

  • Gabrielle

    Gaby has been with our clinic since 2017. Always a busy student, she is currently working towards her bachelors degree in Biology with the goal of becoming a Veterinarian herself. Gaby currently lives with her family and her 4 dogs Max, Spike, Chuck, and Chase.

  • Joel

    Joel has been with our clinic since 2017. He has been passionate about veterinary medicine since his time in high-school where he graduated with a certification as a veterinary technician. He now has more than 15 years of experience in the field. Joel currently lives with his family and his 4 dogs, Paco, Estrella, Olivia, and Nani.

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