Spay & Neuter

As a pet owner, you may know that spaying and neutering are the most common procedures for cats and dogs. Dr. Cameau and our team perform spay and neuter procedures at Miami Shores Animal Clinic in Miami, FL. Learn more about these procedures and how they can help your furry friend.

Spay & Neuter

What are Spay and Neuter Surgeries?

Spay and neuter are forms of sterilization that remove the reproductive organs from a male or female cat or dog. Spaying is the term used for the removal of female organs, while neutering is the removal of male reproductive organs. Spaying and neutering are both used for their behavioral and health advantages.

These procedures are usually recommended to be done while dogs and cats are puppies and kittens. The procedure involves anesthesia, but it is a common and safe practice. It's typically recommended to be completed around the eight-week mark. You will be given follow-up directions to help your pet heal safely.

The Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

Medical Benefits: There are several medical benefits to having your pet spayed or neutered. They include a reduced risk of cancer, and the ability to live a longer and healthier life. For example, spaying can help prevent infections or tumors in the reproductive tract and breast tumors. Also, any complications that pregnancy would create would be eliminated.

Behavioral Benefits: You will notice a significant change in your pets' behavior after the surgery. It can help reduce or eliminate certain undesired behaviors. These behaviors include marking territory by wandering and limiting the urge to wander and reproduce. Roaming behavior is dangerous, especially for male dogs who can get into other fights with dogs.

Society Benefits: You are taking a great stride to help control the pet population. Many unwanted animals are often abandoned and end up in shelters. Overpopulation can lead to animals that are being euthanized. Spaying and neutering can ensure that most pets are in a loving and caring home. Also, you can avoid costly medical emergencies or surgery by having your pet spayed and neutered. There can be life-threatening medical treatments that can be very expensive.

Contact Miami Shores Animal Clinic for Spay and Neuter Services

At Miami Shores Animal Clinic, we take pride in serving our animal patients with the best service and quality care they deserve. Dr. Cameau will help you navigate through the process of spaying or neutering. Call our team today at (305) 757-3030 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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