Pet Vaccination

What to Know About Pet Vaccinations from a Miami, FL Veterinarian 

Your pet probably plays a big role in your life. You want to do whatever you can to keep him or her healthy and happy. For this reason, you want to consider getting your pet vaccinated. At Miami Shores Animal Clinic, serving Miami, FL, and the nearby region, our veterinary clinic offers vaccinations for both cats and dogs to prevent illness and keep you following the law. We serve North Miami, Biscayne Park, and the surrounding areas. 


How a Vaccine Works

A vaccine is a substance a vet injects into your pet's body. It consists of parts of the pathogen it's supposed to protect against. If your pet should happen to come in contact with the virus or bacteria, your cat or dog's immune system recognizes it and is better able to fight it. Without the vaccine, the germs invade your pet's body, and it may not be able to ward off the intruders adequately. 

Cat Vaccinations

Cats have core vaccines that our veterinarian recommends all cats receive. The rabies vaccine falls into this category since Florida state law requires it for all cats.

Generally, you should start getting your kitten vaccinated at a veterinary clinic at six to eight weeks. The first vaccine round includes the herpes virus, feline calicivirus, and feline panleukopenia. Your pet should get a booster for these illnesses three to four weeks later. Finally, your pet needs a final booster three to four weeks after that. When your pet receives his or her final booster, our vet will administer the rabies vaccine. After your feline reaches one-year-old, we'll determine the ideal booster schedule for your pet's needs. At your visits, we'll discuss whether your pet should receive noncore vaccines based on his or her lifestyle. 

Dog Vaccinations 

Dogs have core vaccinations that we recommend for all barking patients. We also offer noncore vaccines, which are only needed for dogs that are at risk of coming in contact with them. All canines must receive the rabies vaccine to keep him or her protected and you compliant with the law.

Usually, we advise our families to start at six to eight weeks with vaccinations. Then, your pup needs a booster three to four weeks apart from the first. Finally, your pet needs a final booster at 16 weeks or later. When our veterinarian gives the final booster, your pet will receive a rabies vaccination. After that, your dog won't need another vaccination until one year later. 

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