Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery in North Miami

When you bring a pet to your Miami Shores or Biscayne Park home, you may feel confident in the safety and well-being of your pet. Despite efforts to ensure proper care and health, it is possible that you will need to consider veterinary surgery for your pet. At Miami Shores Animal Clinic, we understand that you have concerns about surgery, and we take measures to keep your pets healthy and safe.


Common Surgeries for Pets

When you visit our veterinarian for your pet's care, we may recommend surgical procedures to address common ailments or concerns. The surgeries that may arise throughout your pet's life include:

  • Spaying or neutering 
  • Cancer surgeries
  • Procedures to correct an ACL tear or similar injuries
  • Emergency procedures after an accident or related situation
  • Ear surgery

The risks to your pet's health may vary based on his or her age, as well as potential risk factors. In many cases, you will want to spay or neuter your pet. Other procedures stem from specific health concerns, and may arise at different times throughout your pet's life.

When to Consider a Surgical Procedure from Our Vet

The decision to consider surgery from our vet depends on your pet's health and situation. We may recommend spaying or neutering for most young dogs and cats to limit the risks to your pet's health and as a part of preventative care. If your pet develops cancer or other conditions, then we may recommend surgery to address the condition based on the needs of your pet. Our veterinarian will explain the procedure and the risks before you decide on the best course of action for your pet.

How to Care for a Pet after Surgery

After a surgical procedure, you want to provide your pet with the right care. The first step is to limit your pet's ability to move around. You do not want your pet to reopen wounds from a surgery, since it will increase the risk for infection. Keep your pet confined in a comfortable space and encourage your pet to rest. 

Be sure to follow any instructions related to post-operative care given by our veterinary professionals in North Miami. Clarify the dosages of any medication and the timing to ensure that your pet receives medication on time. Find out if further measures are necessary based on the type of procedure your pet needs.

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