Pet Anesthesia

Miami Shores Animal Clinic is Here to Ease Your Mind about Pet Anesthesia

Pets are precious family members, so when they are hurt, injured, or need medical attention, we want only the best for them. That’s why so many people in the North Miami, Miami Shores, and Biscayne Park areas take their beloved pets to Miami Shores Animal Clinic. Whether your pets need a routine check-up or something more invasive like a medical procedure that needs anesthesia, our dedicated team provides the best veterinary care possible for them.


Any time your pets need surgery, the concerns are two-fold. Will the surgery provide a better quality of life for your animals, and will they get through the surgery/pet anesthesia without problems? We do our best to ensure that every pet has the best possible outcome for a long, happy life.

Some of the Reasons Why Pets May Need to Go Under Anesthesia

While we always provide the best care possible, there are times when pets need invasive care that requires anesthesia. Our veterinary team will assess your animals’ condition and recommend the best treatment, even if it means surgery.

There are several key reasons why you may need to have your pets go under anesthesia, including:

  • Spay or neuter surgery
  • Tumor or cancer removal surgeries
  • Deep teeth cleaning
  • Ear surgery
  • ACL tears and other similar injuries
  • Unexpected accidents

Risks of Pet Anesthesia

Any time your pets undergo anesthesia, there are risks involved. If your animals are in good health, the risk is reduced. However, for senior pets or those with health issues, the risk is higher. The decision to put your pets under anesthesia is a serious one and is not taken lightly with our veterinarian. Our vet will weigh all options before recommending surgery.

What You Can Do to Minimize the Risks of Pet Anesthesia

  • Let our veterinarian know all the medications and supplements your pets take, so our vet can be aware of them.
  • Help your pets maintain a healthy weight.
  • Keep your animals safe to reduce injury and the need for anesthesia.
  • Follow all pre- and post-operation instructions that our vet listed to make sure your pets have proper care before and following anesthesia and surgery.

Call Us Today for More Information

If you live in the Miami, Miami Shores, North Miami, or the Biscayne Park area, take your pets to Miami Shores Animal Clinic for the best veterinary care in the Miami region. If you have questions or concerns about pet anesthesia, give our vet team a call at (305) 757-3030. We are more than happy to answer them.

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