• What You Need To Know About Spay and Neuter
    There are a lot of myths about spaying and neutering dogs. Some people think that it will make their dog lazy or fat. Others believe that it will cause health Read more
  • 5 Tips for Caring for a Senior Dog
    Aging is part of life, and your young, vibrant dog will become a senior one day. You need to know that care for senior dogs differs from young ones. When Read more
  • Common Pet Problems
    It’s common for pets to have health problems. Your pet is not the only one. This is why veterinarians are always so busy. At Miami Shores Animal Clinic in Miami, Read more
  • Signs of Arthritis in Pets
    Arthritis is such a common problem in pets that 80% of dogs will have it by age 8 and 90% of cats will develop it by the time they are Read more
  • Questions to Ask Before Your Pet’s Surgery
    If you are a pet owner and your pet is due for surgery, we understand you are a bit stressed. Pet surgery can be daunting, but you can address your Read more
  • How to Tell if Your Pet Has An Eye Infection
    There are a number of conditions that can cause an eye infection in your pet. As a pet owner, it's vital to be aware of the signs of potential eye Read more
  • Pet Laser Therapy at Miami Shores Animal Clinic
    Pets that have a painful condition or wounds that aren't healing properly can benefit from laser therapy. This is a pain-free and drug-free technique that uses low-level lasers to enhance Read more
  • Pet Eye Infections
    Miami Vet Solves Pet Eye Infections Many things in your pet's environment can cause eye infections, including bacteria, parasitic organisms, and allergies. Miami Shores Animal Clinic in Miami, FL, sees many Read more
  • Tips for Puppy and Kitten Care
    Bringing home a new kitten or puppy is exciting. However, the process of kitten care and puppy care can be a little overwhelming if you aren’t used to having a Read more
  • Importance of Keeping Your Dogs Nails Trimmed
    Pet owners understand the importance of keeping their dogs well-groomed, and proper nail care is part of that process. Keeping your dogs' nails trimmed regularly is not only good for Read more
  • How Safe is Pet Anesthesia
    At North Hills Animal Hospital in Sherwood, AR, we know that pet anesthesia can be a scary subject. Our veterinarian has years of experience administering pet anesthesia, and wants to Read more
  • Questions to Ask Before Your Pet’s Surgery
    Getting told your pet needs surgery can be stressful. Even routine surgeries like neutering are not entirely without risks. Make the prospect of pet surgery less stressful by asking these Read more
  • How Does Hydrotherapy for Dogs Work?
    Pets that have been injured or have medical disorders will require more care than other animals. Dogs that are in pain need extra attention. A new method of therapy for Read more
  • Signs Your Pet Has Allergies
    Just like humans, pet can suffer from allergies, too. If you notice that your pet has teary eyes and is scratching herself incessantly, it could be allergies. Pets can have Read more
  • 5 Signs It May Be Time to See a Veterinary Dermatologist
    Taking care of your pet is a big responsibility. This can be especially difficult if your pet has underlying health conditions. At Miami Shores Animal Clinic in Miami, FL, we Read more
  • Why Dental Hygiene is Important For Pets
    If you consider your pet an important part of your family, don’t neglect his oral care. Dental problems can have a negative impact on your pet’s overall health. At Miami Read more

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