Arthritis In Pets

Care For Your Pet With Arthritis

It can be difficult to watch your pets age. They aren't always able to get around as easy as they were in their youth. But they are still part of the family and just as happy to see you, so you'll do anything in your power to help them. There are several ways to help address arthritis in pets. So, when you live in metro Miami our staff here at Miami Shores Animal Clinic is here to help you and your pet with our veterinary staff. 


Help Ease Arthritic Pain In Your Pet

There are some ways you can help address arthritis in pets. If your Miami Shores home has tall steps, you can place smaller steps or even a ramp along the entrance to help make it easier on their joints. If your pet sleeps with you in your bed, there are steps available for this as well. You should also consider special pet beds designed for those aging pets with arthritis. This will give your pet padding to help ease the pain they are experiencing. 

Diet Needs

You should visit your veterinarian to discuss dietary needs for your specific pet. However, in general, you need to give your pet food designed for senior dogs. This food comes with important Omega fatty acids that will help lubricate the joints in your pet and make it a bit easier on them. You can also consider purchasing joint supplements. These supplements give your pet an additional boost in protecting and lubricating their joints. Whether you live in Biscayne Park, North Miami, Miami Shores, or anywhere else in metro Miami, these are just some of the dietary needs you need to follow. 

Medical Options

Depending on the severity of the situation there may be some medical options available to you. It's also possible it isn't arthritis causing the problem with your pet. We are here to help pinpoint what is going on with your pet and then to go on from there. 

Call Miami Shores Animal Clinic Today!

One of the best ways you can help your vet is to bring your pet with arthritis in to visit our staff here at Miami Shores Animal Clinic. You will work with a veterinarian here that will help pinpoint the best ways for you to care for your pet. From dietary adjustments to lifestyle changes, there are options available. We want to make sure you know exactly what these options are because your pet still has plenty of life left within them. So, whether you're living in Biscayne Park, Miami Shores, North Miami, or call one of the other neighborhoods in metro Miami home, we can't wait to see you and your furry little friend. 

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