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Frequently Asked Veterinary Allergy Questions

Pets can have allergies just like people do, and it can be difficult to determine at home whether a pet is suffering from allergies or is sick as the symptoms are similar. A veterinarian needs to see an animal who shows signs of discomfort to determine the cause and find a solution. At Miami Shores Animal Clinic in North Miami, our veterinary professionals have the knowledge and experience to determine whether your pet is suffering from an allergy or needs to be treated for disease based on the symptoms shown and further testing.


Common Questions for a Veterinarian about Pet Allergy Issues

The most frequent questions about a pet's allergy have to do with what types of allergies pets can have and how to treat them. There is a broad range of answers to such questions. Surprisingly for most people, pets can have outdoor allergies to pollen or can find certain plants such as poison ivy or sumac to aggravate the skin in what is an allergic reaction. Pets can also be allergic to indoor cleaning supplies or certain types of food. Essentially, anything a person can be allergic to can also trigger a pet allergy. Treatments vary as allergies describe a wide range of conditions. A veterinarian can determine an appropriate remedy designed for pets which will help them heal faster and with less discomfort.

Can a Pet Allergy Be Serious Enough to Warrant a Veterinary Appointment?

Yes, some allergies can be deadly, but even less serious allergies need to be treated to assure your pet's continued comfort and well being. A veterinarian can help determine the source of a pet's allergy so the owner can prevent further contact. Some allergy symptoms can be treated, others have to wait to go away on their own, but the vet likely has medicine to ease the animal's suffering. Most importantly, a pet can't describe what they're feeling, so any health condition they show symptoms of needs to be treated immediately because it could be something that gets worse and potentially causes permanent damage.

Miami Shores Animal Clinic Your One-Stop Shop for Pet Allergies

Miami Shores Animal Clinic in Biscayne Park serves the North Miami area with full veterinary services, including allergy treatments. If you suspect your pet is suffering from allergies, our animal clinic is the place for you. Our staff is professional, friendly, and encouraging, ready to do anything possible to make your pet feel better and determine the cause of the problem so it can be avoided in the future. Call (305) 757-3030 to schedule an appointment.


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